Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where've I Been?

OK. I haven't posted for quite awhile. Life's been busy, but I've continued to play my uke. But I've also been revisiting where I want to go next with it all. I have a habit of getting yanked whichever way the wind blows. Meaning: every time I find a new song I like, I want to do it. Result: endless binders full of music that I can only kind of play/sing. Jack of all trades and master of none! So I've been spending a lot of time winnowing down the repertoire. I had lots more listed, but now I've got it down to only songs that I REALLY like or that I can REALLY do!

Here's the other place that I'm going with all of this point I can play a heck of a lottta chords on the uke and even play them up the neck. (For you newbies, this means in alternate positions on different places on the fretboard!) But I am now going to concentrate on learning to play more songs without the necessity of singing along. This means more chord melodies and fingerstyle playing. This doesn't mean that I'll stop singing...see, I've also been busy transposing songs to "my key." Now I'm beginning to feel like a real musician! Just remember that my preferred key is D, OK???

See ya soon!