Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The First Open Mic

Tonight I did my first open mic, and I had the pleasure of doing it with my 9 year-old daughter, Rachel. We were at the Parkside Grill in Stinson Beach which has an open mic Tuesday nights. Didn't know what to expect and was just a LITTLE nervous about it all. However, after a glass of wine at dinner time, I was ready to go! Also, it was great to have the encouragement of my husband, Dave, and my daughter. I was particularly thrilled to have her do this with me. First, we did "Mynah Bird," which is sung to the tune of "Yellow Bird." We got a bit of applause as we rushed back to our table. Emboldened by our success, we planned our next song, "Maui Girl." Rachel sang with her melodic voice (she actually is quite musical) while I played and sang. But even better, Rachel played "Brand New Key" while we both sang. I watched proudly! OK, now I'm plotting our next open mic and we are coming up with a name for our "band."

As an aside, while I have nothing against the kids learning the recorder in school (Rachel just started this year), it is not my favored instrument for kids. As uke legend, Ukulele Ray says, take the recorders out of their mouths and put ukes in their hands, and then they can sing at the same time. My good friend tells me that in Latin America kids in school routinely learn the guitar. Hmmm...I've toyed with a teaching career...substitute taught science and math at the middle school level. Maybe I should teach an after-school music class on the 'ukulele??

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