Friday, March 28, 2008

Aloha Oe

As I've threatened, I'm working on learning more chord melodies. I've taken a couple of lessons from Herb Ohta Jr, who has greatly emphasized that to take my playing to the next level, I need to learn the fretboard in my sleep! So that is what I'm concentrating on for the time being...rather barely mastering playing whatever anyone shoves under my nose. You'd be proud of me: I've begun to decline taking handouts of music at my local uke club. (Hey, it's part of my self-designed 12-step program to break the addiction to play everything!) I'm also trying to really memorize a few tunes so that when someone plops a uke into my hands I don't stammer that I just don't have my music available.
Aloha Oe is one of the first things I've mastered. A simple and beautiful song.

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