Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Itchin'" for You to See This One!

Hey folks,

Many months ago I rented the movie, Arctic Tale, with my daughter. It's a heartfelt story addressing impacts of global warming but told for the younger set. I noticed that one of the songs in the movie included a ukulele of all things, and since I liked most all the songs, I purchased the soundtrack. Most of the songs were written by Grant-Lee Phillips. This was my first introduction to his music.

Now, I'm warning you that we got a little carried away and did two versions of the song. You be the judge of which one you like better!

Itchin' Part 1:

Itchin' Part 2:


Bob Loomis said...

Hmmm, not a comment on your vids, just another try to contact you. I met you at a Berkeley Ukulele Club session some months ago and we talked about perhaps trying to put a band together. I am finally clear of my old band, and and e-mailed you a while back but got a bounce-back. Just wondered if you are still interested. E-mail me at miltloomis @ yahoo.com and let me know. Thanks!

Ginny said...

Carol! Rachel! How fun - you two show girls are a hoot, and good, too! Thanks for keeping me in the link. Ginny Felch