Friday, February 20, 2009

Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz

I finally made it down to the famous Santa Cruz Ukulele Club. As you can see in this photo, a great time was had by all! (BTW, I'm towards the left in the navy sweatshirt with a shark.) I went with my friend, Jeff, aka humbleuker (check out his blog on blogspot for great ukulele links, commentary, etc). Hiram Bell taught a workshop, then there was the house band (a constantly changing group of club members who just have fun playing various acoustic instruments and jamming). Next an hour of songs that the club played in a most raucous manner (note photo!) Lastly, a concert by Hiram. He really burns up that uke! I'm tired today after the late night with the driving and all, but it was well wroth it. snore.........OOPS!

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Anonymous said...

What a great picture. Show Us Your Ukes!