Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Little Carol" Rocks Out

Who knew?? The other night I was looking through some old photo albums and turned this one up. Had no idea...guess I was mistaken when I said I started ukulele back in '06, but it was really back in '63.

My hubby, Dave, is quite the king of parodies: he can "pen" them in his head in two minutes flat while washing the dinner dishes, no exaggeration. (Move over Weird Al!) Most of his compositions tend to the political. However, I'm thinking of commissioning a piece to be entitled "Winter of '63," sung to the Bryan Adams tune of similar name. If it happens, stay tuned for its world premier here.

BTW, in case you were wondering, I was four years old in the photo. You can do the math...

Hazard any guesses as to what I was playing? I shudder to think it was "Wheels on the Bus" but do remember singing "Bill Bailey" when I was a kid. Certainly is a good Tin Pan Alley tune for the uke. Or maybe I was just a poser (at least for my parents camera) so early in my career!!

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